April 21st, Drumcondra

Relieve Upper and Lower Body Tension

Saturday 21st April
157-159 Richmond Road, D3

10am – 12.30pm (Upper Body)
1.30 – 4pm (Lower Body)


Relieve Upper Body Tension – Neck, Shoulder, Back

Do you ‘drop your shoulders’ frequently in your class or training session?
Do you feel stressed and tired but wired and can’t switch off?
Do you want to learn how to improve your posture, breathing and ability to relax fully?

You will learn how to:
• Take back control of the muscles of your shoulders, neck and back
• Even out your shoulders without forcing
• Improve your breathing
• Ease your mid back
• Improves voice projection

Relieve Lower Body Tension – Hips, Lower back pain, Sciatica

If you ever feel your hips are stiff, rotational movements aren’t as smooth as they used to be and legs get tired quickly from walking, then join us for the Lower Body workshop!

You will learn how to:
• Ease tension around your hips and in your legs
• Smoothly rotate with increased range of motion and no forcing or straining
• Movements to keep up and improve further
• An ‘activation routine’ you can do before running, working out or as a stand alone feel good daily routine

Fee per workshop 45€
Book both together and pay only 80€