Online class TASTER

A restorative class in the comfort of your home for FREE!
My festive gift to you to start moving after family dinners and too many bad movies. Find a quiet space (preferably with a door you can close behind you), grab your laptop and clear the floor for an hour only to yourself! Yes it’s the time to give, so don’t forget yourself this year.
Sign up below (no payment required), so I can send you the invitation email with link the day before class. Please state the date you would like to take the class!

Requirements: a laptop, tablet or phone with video function (if you would like to let me check what you are doing in class), the class will be held via a video conference platform.


Would you like to host a workshop in your community centre, Pilates studio, Yoga space or dance school? I can offer workshops tailored to different audiences like performing artists, senior citizens, young adults / teenagers, seated only workshops, lessons for care professionals etc.
Please get in touch by sending an email and I am happy to discuss my requirements and pricing.