Saturday Somatics Series @ Live&Breathe Pilates

The Saturday Somatics Series will be an opportunity to zone in on different themes in 4 stand alone workshops over 4 months. Open to everyone, whether you’re a client or not, learn a short sequence of movements that are specific to aches and pains we all experience at some stage.
The workshops start at 2pm and run for 1.5h each date. Fee is 25€ per session or 85€ if you purchase all 4. You can book a mat directly at

February 25th: Unravel your taut back

Learn somatic solutions to ease your taut back muscles through simple movements you can do any time you need. In this workshop class, we will focus on how to make the back soften and relax to increase well being, de-stress and improve mobility. No previous experience necessary, this workshop is suitable for anyone who experiences tension in the back, who has on going back pain or is recovering from surgical intervention.

March 25th: Unravel your tight hips

Learn somatic solutions to improve efficient movement and mobility for your hips! If you run, cycle or sit for a prolonged time every day, you might know the feeling of stiffness in the hips, the outside of the legs and your buttocks. In this workshop, you will learn fundamental movements you can practice whenever you feel this tension is creeping up again (or practice daily to not get tight in the first place!). No previous experience necessary, this workshop is suitable for everyone who wants to improve gait pattern, ease out the hips without stretching and soften the hamstrings!

April 22nd: Unravel your tense Shoulders

Do you hear ‘drop your shoulders’ quite frequently in class? This workshop is for you. Learn how to take back control of the muscles of your shoulders and neck, using Somatic Movement. We will work on releasing the front and back of the trunk to bring back ease of motion. This workshop is particularly interesting for everyone who is working at a desk! No previous experience necessary, learn some simple to practice movements that will leave you feel like after a massage without the price tag.

May 13th: Unravel your Sciatica

Learn somatic solutions for Sciatic nerve irritation in this workshop class. Simple, small movements with a dramatic effect on improving mobility safely and easing sciatica are what you are going to learn. If you feel walking is strenuous or even impossible for more than a couple of minutes, Somatic Movement can help you regain control over the muscles that contribute to sciatic nerve irritations. Even if your Sciatica is coming from a disk bulge rather than a tightly held backside, you can expect feeling better with a bit of practice. Excellent for Piriformis syndrome, sciatica and after accidents that left you feeling lopsided.