Wellbeing after Breast cancer 8x45min/4wks



8 movement-based 45min private appointments over 4 weeks to restore breathing and facilitate more ease in movement.

Whether after lumpectomy, mastectomy, during and after chemotherapy and radiation – the sessions can give you a respite from medical appointments.

We work with movements that feel good and are gentle enough to be woven into the up and down days during treatment. Somatic Education can be useful for stress management and are complementary to any physiotherapy exercises you are given; they generally improve the capacity to move by including the whole body (not just focussing on range of motion in the arm and shoulder, but also through the waist, back and abdominal area).

If your treatment includes radiation, Somatic Movement can be used to prepare for the position you have to hold, and help you improve your lung function.

The 4 weeks of private lessons can be individually scheduled (currently Monday morning, Thursday+Friday, as well as selected Saturday mornings) to suit your energy levels.

I have worked with a number of people with breast cancer over the last years, during chemo, radiotherapy and also years after treatment has finished. In any case – beyond the physical aspects of working with movement – clients reported feeling more in charge, more whole and at ease.

If you would like to discuss before you sign up, please schedule a free video call or send me an email.