January 26th: Step into your comfort (incl book)

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Full day Somatic Movement Education workshop including book

January 26th

10am-7pm (incl breaks)

Early Bird fee until Dec 25th!

Rathmines Collective (183 Rathmines Road Lower / opposite Swan Centre)

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January 26th

10am-7pm (incl breaks)

Early Bird fee until Dec 25th!


Move into the new year with kindness towards yourself rather than guilt about the festive season.

We’re always told to ‘get out of our comfort zone’, but do we truly know what our comfort zone is? I don’t mean chocolate and wine and a movie, taking a bath or other product-driving short term comforting.

Comfort in ourselves, being able to sit with ourselves and own our shit.

Explore your inner landscape of sensing, releasing, knowing. Allow softness and curiosity to lead the way, being present to the process.

A great introduction to everyone new to (Hanna) Somatic Movement Education as well as a great refresher for those who have had exposure to it in the past.

I will give you an overview of the philosophy (don’t worry, it’s very relatable!), why we do things a bit differently and how it all works. We will move through sequences that release undue and hard to reach tensions in our bodies. Due to the techniques you will be learning, it’s safe for people with hypermobility as well as those with reduced mobility. We do not use any equipment for this, so everything you learn in the workshop can be used at home and anywhere else straight out of the box!

This work is using movement as a starting point for explorations into our habits, our unconscious decision making, our coping mechanisms when it comes to stress and how we can gently steer ourselves towards better self-regulation and towards more freedom and spaciousness.

Somatic Education in the tradition of Thomas Hanna is a secular, inclusive practice.


We will start the day with a short theory intro (what are we working with) before we delve into the first segment of the day, exploring the movement of the back. Segment 2 is all about somatic solutions for ease of breathing, releasing the front and finding a new ease of rotation. We will have short breaks throughout the day (bring a cup for some tea!) with a longer lunchbreak in between so you can get out into the fresh January air before we come back to the second part of the day.

After lunch, we will take a closer look at hip movements, why stretching might not be the answer to all your hip mobility questions and how we can keep a fluid and strong sense of grounding without getting stuck. Hamstring loosening and lower back softening go hand in hand and we can find out why. We work with full bodied integrative movement patterns and explore how they translate from the mat into standing up in gravity.

The workshop includes some light partner work (touching the shoulders, back, leg), if people are comfortable with this.

What is included:

light refreshments (tea, coffee, water), fruit throughout the day

my teacher Martha Peterson’s book Move without Pain

recordings of the key movements to kickstart your home practice

a discount code for private lessons at SOMAdublin


What to bring:

yoga mat or thick blanket (some available if you don’t have one at home!)

pen and paper if you like to take notes

a cup / water bottle

layers of clothing, extra socks (we won’t sweat in class!)