Single ONLINE lesson

45.00 45 minutes

45min online private lesson based on the clinical protocols.


  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing for easy movement.
  • Clear a space on the floor with enough room for you to lie down and spread your arms without touching anything.  To ensure comfort, we recommend using a yoga mat.
  • Make sure your space is quiet and without distractions. (Focused, uninterrupted concentration will help you get the most out of your session.)
  • We use zoom for the session, a reliable online video conferencing software. There is a small file to install prior to the session.
  • Please arrange your laptop or smartphone so I can see your movement.


You will receive the recording of the session in video and audio as well!



Don’t have a Clinical Somatic Educator in your area, but want to start moving better?

In your 121 online session, we can concentrate on your specific movement patterns and smooth out any kinks, fill out any blank spots of ‘I can’t feel that!’ and increase your understanding of how you move throughout the day.

As this is an online class, I will teach you how to self-pandiculate based on your detailed intake and a movement analysis.
It’s not only movement we change with this approach – another equally important aspect is that Somatic Movement Education calms the nervous system and your busy mind. If you mull over the same thing over and over again, if your response to situations is ‘stuck’ in the same pattern, you can start approaching your approach through small changes in how you move.
With practice, you might notice a change in how you deal with things – it’s a similar response like the one evoked by meditation or mindfulness-based stress reduction. In fact some of my clients think of their Somatic Movement practice as a moving meditation.
Your mind is your body is your brain is your body…we are sensory beings continuously adapting to our environment and we always aim for coherence and integration between our behaviour and surroundings.