Short Series: 3x75min Clinical lessons

230.00 75 minutes

Short Series

3 individual lessons over 3 weeks
approx. 75 min per lesson

PLEASE NOTE! Booking is only available for the first appointment. The others can be booked in person at your first session.



If you know you can commit to a series of 3 lessons spaced a week apart, you can save some money!

In your 121 clinical session, we can concentrate on specific movement patterns and smooth out any kinks, fill out any blank spots of ‘I can’t feel that!’ and increase your understanding of how ou move throughout the day.

I use my hands to provide a proprioceptive feedback for you to move with, while you contract and release your muscles. We work on differentiating those contractions – being able to refine the movements without ‘white noise’ of co-contracting muscles that are not needed to do a movement.
Generally, we start with 3 protocols over 3 weeks, releasing the front, back and sides of your body in a methodical way, followed by extremity work (arms, neck, legs and feet) if needed, or working with movement patterns that are specific to your needs (improve your golf swing, your sitting posture, your dance moves, etc)
It’s not only movement we change with this approach – another equally important aspect is that Somatic Movement Education calms the nervous system and your busy mind. If you mull over the same thing over and over again, if your response to situations is ‘stuck’ in the same pattern, you can start approaching your approach through small changes in how you move.
With practice, you might notice a change in how you deal with things – it’s a similar response like the one evoked by meditation or mindfulness-based stress reduction. In fact some of my clients think of their Somatic Movement practice as a moving meditation.
Your mind is your body is your brain is your body…we are sensory beings continuously adapting to our environment and we always aim for coherence and integration between our behaviour and surroundings.