Rathmines Restoring Ease Course


6 week course of Restorative Somatic Movement

Friday 10am

starting November 9th

Rathmines Collective (TBC), 183 Lower Rathmines Road, across from Swan Shopping Centre




6 week course starting November 9th and running until December 14th

EARLY BIRD PRICE! 85€ until October 30th

Objectives of this course:

+ Learn how to use movement to release tension

+ Learn how to use breath to quickly reach a state of more calm and clarity

+ Become aware of habitual responses to stress, both physiologically as well as emotionally and how to modulate the stress response

+ Rediscover the joy in moving and experimenting without fear of pain

+ Discover how deeply fundamental movements affect your sports and daily activity performance

+ Ignite the sense of control, ease and agency in our moving self.


We will move through sequences designed to release tensions around the neck, jaw and shoulders, all the way down the spine, hips and legs. You will feel more ease and spaciousness in your daily movements, learn what you can do as a quick movement snack in sitting and standing as well as the more formal practice on the mat.

This course is suitable for every level of ‘fitness’, every age and ability. You need to be able to get to the studio upstairs, as well as get onto the floor and back up again. Suitable for pregnant people, please notify me in advance.

My teaching is trauma-informed, inclusive and always aiming to provide a safe space to sense and get in touch with the moving body again. There are no religious or spiritual references in class.

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