Initial Consultation 75min

80.00 75 minutes

Initial consultation 75min

Includes assessment, hands on movements for you to continue as home practice and recommendation of lesson plan or single lessons.

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Initial consultation / Clinical Somatic Education

In our initial meeting, I will take your history (current movement or medical issues, past injuries and surgeries, general stress levels etc), we will look at your gait and start working with movement related to breathing you can practice at home.

The initial consultation is needed to find out a number of things

  • Are we a good fit to work together for a number of weeks?
  • Would you make time in your schedule to practice and explore what we worked on together in your own time?
  • Are you ready to examine your movement and coping strategies and willing to explore new ways of focussing your awareness and using effort?
  • What is your learning style and how can I support you in our work together?

Based on this meeting, I will be able to give you my recommendation of number of lessons etc.


This session can be done in person or online.