Essential Somatics class Rathmines (February 2020)


New class starting February 6th

Thursdays 10am

Swan Leisure Centre Rathmines (Dance Studio)

Sign up for 6 consecutive weeks (sign up open until February 12th)

Tick the little box below to add your 45min private initial assessment (optional), if you are brand new to Somatic movement. Take advantage of the reduced fee only available to group class participants!


Reserve your mat for 6 weeks of Somatic movement classes at Swan Leisure Centre in Rathmines.

We take the opportunity to slow down and take a fresh look at how we move without the pressure of mastering a repertoire. Become better at letting go of stressful tension, zoom in on your breathing and move your body gently into all directions.

If you feel wired and compressed or live with a constant sensation of tightness in your body that is hard to reach and ever returning even after the most luxurious massage, Somatic Movement can bring you back to a harmonious sense of space and freedom of movement. Hanna’s work is a deep look at function and the ‘mind in movement’ that feels calming and refreshing, and cultivates a kind and inquisitive mindset.

The class is geared towards beginners, people with chronic pain (Fibromyalgia, ME, etc) that prohibits ‘normal’ fitness-based classes, anyone nurturing injuries, have had recent surgeries or simply enjoy a gentle movement class that is grounding and makes you feel closer to yourself again!

If you are brand new to Somatic Movement, I recommend booking a reduced fee 45min initial assessment. You can add it by ticking the box above!


Classes start February 6th and sign up is for 6 consecutive classes (up to incl March 12th). Sign up is open until February 12th, then opens again for the next block of 6 weeks starting March 19th.


Swan Leisure Centre is well serviced by bus and in the heart of Rathmines, easy to reach from Terenure, Rathgar, Ranelagh, Portobello or Kimmage. The studio we use is the dance studio in the back of the building, a bright, inviting space perfect for group classes. Please bring your mat to class, as well as a small towel to support your head if needed. Class is limited to 10 participants. Please note the class is independent from the Centre and not included in the membership fees.

Thursdays 10-11am