Beyond Kegels – Breath, Strength and Ease – BACK IN SEPTEMBER!

June 9th, 10.30-12.30

Learn supporting strategies for your Pelvic floor health! Movement, Breathing, Eating – what is useful, what are red flags, what can we do daily to improve our pelvic health and wellbeing.



Take some time to learn about supporting strategies for your Pelvic floor health!

I combine my knowledge from Somatics, Pilates and women’s wellbeing training, share useful info about how your bowels are important, how your breathing relates to your pelvic floor activity, and why down-training the pelvic floor muscles can be the thing to do. We’ll talk continence, when a women’s health physio would be your best bet, relaxing techniques and movement tips for your sports and other activities!

June 9th, 10.30-12.30



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