The mind is like the ocean

On my way to teach a sold out Neck and Shoulder workshop at the wonderful Reform Pilates in Blackrock, a seaside community just outside Dublin, I was listening to Dan Siegel’s The Mindful Therapist. It’s a wonderful book for therapists, encouraging mindfulness practice, self-care and offering an insight into his concept of Mindsight and Interpersonal Neurobiology. He is telling a wonderful allegory about the ocean and the mind, which was just so fitting when I got off the dart, right next to the choppy sea.

The mind is like the ocean. And deep in this ocean, beneath the surface, it’s calm and clear. And no matter what the surface conditions are, whether it’s flat or choppy or even a full gale storm, deep in the ocean it’s tranquil and serene. From the depth of the ocean you can look toward the surface and just notice the activity there, as in the mind, where from the depth of the mind you can look upward toward the waves, the brainwaves at the surface of your mind, where all that activity of mind, thoughts, feelings, sensations, and memories exist. You have the incredible opportunity to just observe those activities at the surface of your mind.


Wonderful, isn’t it? I think this is a really helpful image to help us find our true, connected neutral state of calm and rest we all have tucked away somewhere. Let’s resurface our inner tranquil and serene depth when things get choppy!

Snow makes Ireland come to a halt

When Storm Emma meets The beast from the East (who came up with that name?!), we get 4 days of snow – the first 15-20cm fell last night, which means schools are staying closed, bread is sold out and everyone is in a slight panic.

Time for some selfcare – Somatic Movement lying on a soft and cosy blanket, having a hot chocolate, crafting something and playing with the kids. Apparently there’s a blizzard on it’s way, so I hope everyone’s heating is working.

My workshop on Sunday might get postponed, so nobody injures themselves getting to it. I will post once I know more!

121 lessons in Somatic Education

I currently work with a few clients in a 121 setting. If you have thought about how to get the most out of your practice, you might want to book a series of sessions or once off tune-ups.

An hour of concentrated attention to the intricate details of your movements, honing in on your specific patterns that are unique to your way of doing things is what you can expect in a 121. While you can learn the basics in a group class, it will always be more generic than in a tailored lesson, where we can work out, rewind, repeat different parts of a pattern, differentiate a bit further before putting it back together again.We can share our thoughts on a movement (I can tell you what I see from the outside and provide some tactile feedback and you can let me know if that matches what you can sense), and concentrate on the bits that are either not moving as well as you want or the ones you can’t quite sense.

I currently work with clients with such different backgrounds as medical doctors, musicians, movement teachers, film directors, artists and busy grandmas, people recovering from surgery or wanting to avoid one.

I provide 121 lessons at my office off Pearse Street (we can discuss a time that suits), as well as off Camden Street (specific times – Monday 5pm, Tuesday 10-12 and 8.30pm, Wednesday 5pm, Saturday from 12.30pm). One 60min lesson is priced at 70€ and includes email follow up. You can find my price list here

More workshops confirmed!

When I said 2018 will be the year of sharing Somatic Education with more people I meant it!

I was visiting Holistic Nurture in Blanchardstown (D15), and while I was travelling through the snowy sleet and icy wind, Leemore who runs Holistic Nurture gave me a warm welcome. The centre is open since a bit over a year, providing Baby Massage, prenatal yoga, Gentle Birth and Doula care, as well as different treatments like acupuncture and massage.

A lovely big warm studio invites you to relax and take care of yourself, so I’m happy to teach a Relax and Restore Sunday in April – perfect for new and not so new parents who want to learn some restorative movement to ease tension in neck, shoulders and back.

Workshop in February

Relief Neck and ShouldersI will teach a Neck and shoulder pain relief workshop at The Pilates Hub in Rathfarnham on February 10th at 2pm – tickets are live now and the first bookings are coming in!

Learn how to

  • take back control of the muscles of your shoulders, neck and back
  • even out your shoulders without forcing
  • improve your breathing
  • ease your mid back
  • improve voice projection
  • find your centre and calm without spiritual ideas attached
  • apply some ideas from evidence-based pain science in an easy to implement and efficient way

Maximum participant number: 8
Duration 2h
Cost 40€


A recommended article!

Lawrence Gold, one of the ‘Wave 1’ practitioners (who studied directly under Thomas Hanna) who have taken Somatic Education further and further, has written a beautifully concise article I would like to share!

You can find the description of what happens in Hanna Somatic Education, which is what my training was based on, HERE

I can highly recommend reading his articles on on Full-Spectrum Somatics!

Give the gift of self-directed learning

For my course starting January 8th 2018, I will also have the recorded audio from every class on offer – together with a 45min video call one to one as a package!


Who is this for?

My class in on a Monday morning at 10am, so not everyone is able to come to it. But if you like the flow of a live class rather than a pre-recorded session (which can get a bit dull in my opinion – often too fast, the teacher not that engaged and mainly concerned with not messing up the script 😉 ), this audio series is for you.

You receive the recording of the class every week for 8 weeks starting January 8th. Classes are progressively building up over the 8 week course, and you can practice them and repeat them at your leisure, without the pressure of schedules and timetables added to your day.

This way you can find out which time of the day suits you best for your practice, where is the best place and how can you make it a habit to not have to go to a different place to give yourself some restorative me time. This is also an excellent option for private clients, who cannot come to a class, but have some basics they want to put into an ongoing home practice.

The class content will be uploaded together with some written material with exclusive access to course participants (both live and audio only).

Best of all, if you sign up until December 31st, you can get 25€ off pre-launch discount by using ChristmasAudio in your check out!

Book online