Somatics for Knitters / ONLINE

A 2.5 hour online live workshop of my signature Somatics for Knitters program

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If you knit or crochet, you might know the sensation of tension in your shoulders and neck, bracing in your arms, clenching to the needles or hook while trying to master that new complicated stitch or colourwork pattern (don’t get me started on lace!)

Our focus and concentration on something new often reveal our habituated tightness, which may cause pain and achiness, repetitive strain, frozen shoulder like symptoms, TMJ / jaw locking and headaches.
Knitting like other movement, is also learned by imitation, so the way you’ve learned to hold yourself while knitting might be less efficient than it could be!

Whether you pick or throw, knit Portuguese, Shetland, tvaendsticknig, Continental, English, your own style or apply what works best for the different techniques you are using, this course will help you stay limber with your needles and the movements learnt will leave you even more refreshed after your knitting break!

Somatic Movement Education to the rescue! You can learn how to mindfully release these habituated tensions through movement!

I have devised a program of movements that we hand crafters can do in a seated position. These are movements you can pick and mix for some short breaks in your crafting time.

The workshop will consist of two parts – a lying down bit and a seated bit. Traditionally, Somatic Movement is done lying on the ground, so we can work with gravity and as much feedback as possible (from the floor). On the floor, we can fully release tension and melt into and with gravity, creating the sensation of soft, yielding, restedness. From my experience, it is useful and important to experience what the movements are like lying down to get the best benefits from them in the seated variation. If you cannot lie down for whichever reason, fear not! You will still benefit greatly from the movements.

This course is not about ergonomic knitting postures, as you can only adopt them AFTER releasing your habituated (aka hidden, background, uncontrollable) patterns of tightness. This course is about finding your balanced, neutral, effortless state from which you can choose however you want to sit and make it your own! Get rid of those pesky recurring tensions and enjoy your me time again!

The workshop is being presented online and live, via zoom video conferencing. There will be one short explanation what it is all about and why we do things the way we do, a quick break, followed by the lying down movement lesson, another wee break and finally the seated class. You will not only be able to ask questions, but you are also going to receive the audio recording of the movements for your continued practice!

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