Unwind your Neck – Unclench your Jaw

Are your stress levels slowly rising the closer we get to the big holidays? If headaches and sore neck and shoulders are in the way of enjoying the end of the year, take some time to break the cycle!
On December 7th, we will use Somatic Movement to unwind and release, restore freedom of movement in neck and shoulders2 and give some attention to our jaws on the way.

Somatic Movement is a gentle way of regaining control over hard to reach parts of our body. In this 2h workshop you will learn how to release that tension through movement and what to do to stay supple and in charge!

December 7th


Rathmines Collective

(183 Lower Rathmines Road, opposite Swan Centre)

40€ including follow up material and audio recording

Maximum 10 participants, so reserve your space early!