Restoring Ease Workshop Cork April 2019

April 6th

Firkin Crane


Somatic Solutions for your neck, jaw and shoulders

Walk with ease and comfort

A two part workshop for all levels

Releasing tension around the neck, shoulders and jaw

We will work with movements that help us connect the neck to the centre of the body to regain freedom and clarity of movement. Better breathing and easier head movements resurface using rib-freeing pandiculations. Jaw movements will give you a sense of control over tension creeping in with stress

Walk with ease and comfort

Exploration of hip and spinal movements that make us feel grounded and light on our feet at the same time. Easier rotation, smoother gait and movements simple enough to practice on your own.

You will receive recordings for your home practice.

Chandelier studio at Firkin Crane


Max 10 participants

55€/45€ (students/OAP, please use discount code STUDENT)

One scholarship place available. Please email me.