Somatic Movement Education

Restorative Somatic Education Class

In a Restorative Somatic Education Class, you will learn a series of self-care movements to release tight muscles on the front, back and sides of your body. The overall goal is to become more aware of habitual muscle tensions in order to release them (and get rid of them). On a deeper level, we also become more aware of general patterns of stress responses – what is our emotional response, what is our habitual thought pattern when something stressful happens? So it’s not only about movement – but movement is the starting point of a meaningful journey of knowing ourselves.
The movement sequences are practiced in a slow manner to allow the brain to ‘catch up’ again, always within your individual comfortable range of motion and never pushing into pain. You are retraining your brain to send the correct information to the muscles (relax or contract) to allow for full control and good muscle function. For a one to one class, I put together a series of exercises specifically tailored to your needs. Every client is unique, so we will find the perfect variation of a movement that suits you. In a group class, I will teach with a more general approach while adjusting to each clients profile if possible. Ideally, you start with some Clinical sessions and continue to refine your movement with Somatic Exercise classes.


I have trained as a Somatic Exercise Coach under Martha Peterson Essential Somatics beginning of 2014 to teach Somatic Movement classes, building on a decade of professionally teaching movement.
This is me teaching my colleagues and teachers at one intensive module of my Clinical Somatic Educator training in York (March 2016)

Clinical Somatic Education


Clinical Somatic Education is the powerful one-to-one application of Somatic Education in the tradition of Thomas Hanna.

Done on a wide and low table, the practitioner guides movement and uses different techniques to teach you how to release stiff, habituated tensions in full body patterns and encourage smooth, unrestricted movement. The range of motion is always in your control, and we never push through painful movements. CSE is not body work – we don’t manipulate and work from the outside. We educate and give hands on feedback, so you can regain control over your movement again – you are the active participant in these lessons! Movement will become more efficient, smoother and more controlled, with your commitment to a daily ~30min home practice. Taking responsibility for your body is essential to refine your sensory-motor control and keep you pain free. Ideally, you’ll come for a series of sessions spaced one week apart, and then continue with the established self-care exercises, which you can do on your own without getting dependent on regular sessions to ‘fix’ you. Gain freedom and control again!

 Who is it for?

Somatic Movement Education has helped thousands of clients regaining control and awareness, a sense of a agency and choice. Whether you have chronic pain as a result of functional disorders or after a surgery or accident, or simply feel you need to take better care of yourself, Somatic Education can help you find your balance again.
Thomas Hanna’s work places the emphasis on regaining self-directed control and so differs from other methods, where the client is passively moved through sequences. Learning how to observe and teach yourself is a fascinating thing to do, no matter your starting abilities!

The work is suitable for everyone who wants to take charge of getting a bit better every day. The process takes a couple of lessons and a daily home practice. You will feel relief from pain from a session, but to stay that way, you will need to do the practice. Nobody can evoke change for you from the outside. So if you are ready to invest a little (or a lot) time into yourself, Somatic Education has proven to be successful for a lot of very common issues like

Back Pain ~ Frozen Shoulder ~ Neck Pain ~ Hip Pain ~ Knee Pain ~ Sciatica ~ Foot Pain (Plantarfasciitis and Heel Pain) ~ Tension Headaches and Migraines ~ Shoulder Pain ~ Breathing issues ~ decreased mobility and balance

Clients with chronic conditions like Spondylolithesis, Fibromyalgia, neural pain, Scoliosis can expect pain relief and increased painfree mobility.

Somatic Education can also be beneficial as a supporting modality in combination with counseling/psychotherapy for clients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Depression etc. Providing and holding space for reconnecting with the body can be beneficial to take a therapy to the next step of moving forward.

We address movement patterns and teach how to move more efficiently, please note this is not a replacement for medical treatment neither physical nor psychological. I am happy to refer to Dublin based complementary therapists if you wish.