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To reflect the learning process of Somatic Education, we generally have to work together for a number of weeks. Establishing a home practice and having time to integrate the learning are an essential part of making meaningful changes to your habituated patterns. Somatic Movement Education is that – education- not therapy or bodywork (where a therapist or practitioner manipulates your body into a short-term better state without your input). We work towards long-term changes and that takes some time and commitment. 
Similar to learning a new language, a single lesson might be nice, but is not sufficient to get the full benefit of what Clinical Somatic Education can help you experience -taking back control, moving forward with confidence, not being confined by past habitual reactive patterns.

By the end of the lessons you will be confident in applying what you have learned and can use Somatic Movement independently from me.

Initial consultation 75 – 90min
including detailed intake with medical history, movement assessment, goals for the lessons and a ‘sample’ of hands on work with a movement you can start practicing. We find out if we’re a good fit for working together and I will recommend how we can move forward based on the assessment.