Katrin Neue

Igniting the power of embodied knowledge

 My passion is teaching movement and helping my clients to understand how they move. How can you make it more efficient, pleasurable and driven by kindness towards yourself? We’re moving from theoretical knowledge to embodied knowledge – making sense in your body.


My name is Katrin Neue and I am an Essential Somatics certified Clinical Somatic Educator, an interdisciplinary movement teacher and mother.

I enrolled in a first formal training to teach dance  just before I graduated secondary school, and continued my studies at Erika Kluetz-School for dance and dance education in Hamburg, graduating in 2007. Following years of teaching dance to amateurs and pre-professional dancers in Germany, I moved to Ireland, where I took up an MA with focus on contemporary solo performance and graduated in 2010 with a First class honours under Dr. Mary Nunan at University of Limerick.

After the MA, I took up teaching Pilates, after training with different providers. In 2014, shortly after the birth of my son, I also took the opportunity to start my education under Essential Somatics founder Martha Peterson, certifying as a Hanna Somatics Exercise Coach (now Essential Somatics Movement Teacher training). In 2015, I was accepted into the professional training and certified in 2017 as a Clinical Somatic Educator. More about the Essential Somatics training below…

I set up SOMAdublin in 2015 to offer private lessons as well as small group workshops.

My continued education includes Explain Pain with the NOIgroup (Neuro Orthopedic Institute) to stay up to date with research about pain, as well as Bessel van der Kolk’s seminar The body keeps the score, which presented vast research into trauma processing and embodiment. I also have a special interest working with women after breast cancer and throughout peri-and postmenopause.

I regularly am invited as a guest teacher at Dance Ireland, both in the professional dancer’s morning classes as well as the Healthier dancer weekly wellness program. I also lectured at UL, teaching students from all dance programs (MA Contemporary and Traditional Dance Performance, BA Voice and Dance, BA Traditional Dance) for 2 years.

I have assisted on a number of Fundamental immersion weekends taught by Martha Peterson throughout my training, as well as at the 200h Essential Somatics Movement Teacher Training. Apart from running my lessons in Dublin, I am a mentor for European students of the ESMTT.
Colm McDonnell in Portmarknock and me are currently the only 2 Essential Somatics certified practitioners in Ireland.

About my training with Essential Somatics | Martha Peterson

I have studied under Martha Peterson and her associated teacher Laura M Gates (with the help of my mentoring colleagues) since beginning of 2014, when I completed my training as a Somatic Excercise Coach.

In 2017, I graduated from our 600h Clinical Somatic Education professional training, which is spread out over 3 years. The long time-frame is needed to practice sufficiently, be mentored by certified practitioners, assist in Fundamental weekends and write case studies and papers. There are a lot of lectures, out of class reading (neurophysiology, somatic philosophy, anatomy, trauma research, stress research..) conference meetings, study groups etc to work with, as well as teaching Somatics classes and work clinically with clients as a student practitioner.

When I started my studies, I didn’t expect the work load, but I’m glad we had to put the work and time into our training the way we did, as it set solid foundations for my work as a Clinical Somatic Educator. From learning the original protocols the way Thomas Hanna taught it to his students to additional protocols like extremity work and the influence of trauma research and pain science, the training included updated science without loosing the philosophical heart of the work.
I further my training by assisting at the Somatic Movement Teacher Training program at Essential Somatics, and the previous Hanna Somatic Exercise Coach trainings,and was invited as a mentor in the Essential Somatics Movement Teacher training, supervising students on their process and progress until certification.