Katrin Neue

Igniting the power of embodied knowledge

 My passion is teaching movement and helping my clients to understand how they move. How can you make it more efficient, pleasurable and driven by kindness towards yourself? We’re moving from theoretical knowledge to embodied knowledge – making sense in your body.


I have been interested in somatic practices since the start of my professional dance training in 2004. I trained to become a Somatic Exercise Coach under Martha Peterson in 2014, after giving birth to our son Fionn a few months earlier. At that time, I was in pain simply lying down on the floor, never mind lifting a leg. During the SEC training, Martha taught me some hands-on releases for one half of my body and the pain disappeared – instantly. Having trained my body all my life, I was stunned how little I could control the tensions building up. Since then, I am working with clients on a one to one basis, as well as in group Somatics classes. I felt the need to expand on the training and applied to start the Clinical Somatic Education studies in February 2015. I have graduated from 3 years of training under Martha Peterson and Laura M. Gates, together with my 8 colleagues from England and Scotland, in December 2017.
I am one of only 2 Essential Somatics certified Clinical Somatic Educators in Ireland.

The studies have profoundly changed how I teach, listen and work with people around me, as well as my relationship to myself. I am honoured to pass on and facilitate the empowerment I experienced and see emerge in my clients through this work.

To support my Somatic Movement practice, I further my studies with continued education through medical providers such as the NOIgroup (Neuro Orthopedic Institute Australia) to incorporate evidence-based strategies around pain. Keeping up with the latest research helps me to position this work within a multi-disciplinary field of practitioners and clinicians working with patients living with chronic pain conditions.

I also recently started an Advanced Certificate in 3rd Age Programming (Women’s Wellbeing) under Michelle Lyons, Jessica Drummond and Jenny Burrell to better support my female clients before, during and after menopause.

I am delighted to be a regular guest teacher for Dance Ireland (Association of professional Dancers and Choreographers Ireland) in their Professional Morning Class and public Wellness lunchtime class program, as well as guest lecturing at University of Limerick’s MA in Contemporary Dance Performance.

If you are interested in organizing a workshop for your movement class, your sports club or students, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


About my training with Essential Somatics | Martha Peterson

I have studied under Martha Peterson and her associated teacher Laura M Gates (with the help of my mentoring colleagues) since beginning of 2014, when I completed my training as a Somatic Excercise Coach.

In 2017, I graduated from our 600h Clinical Somatic Education professional training, which is spread out over 3 years. The long time-frame is needed to practice sufficiently, be mentored by certified practitioners, assist in Fundamental weekends and write case studies and papers. There are a lot of lectures, out of class reading (neurophysiology, somatic philosophy, anatomy, trauma research, stress research..) conference meetings, study groups etc to work with, as well as teaching Somatics classes and work clinically with clients as a student practitioner.

When I started my studies, I didn’t expect the work load, but I’m glad we had to put the work and time into our training the way we did, as it set solid foundations for my work as a Clinical Somatic Educator. From learning the original protocols the way Thomas Hanna taught it to his students to additional protocols like extremity work and the influence of trauma research and pain science, the training included updated science without loosing the philosophical heart of the work.
I further my training by assisting at the Somatic Movement Teacher Training program at Essential Somatics, and the previous Hanna Somatic Exercise Coach trainings. I am in the process of accreditation with the International Somatic Movement and Therapy Association (ISMETA).