Would you like to learn how to move from a place of comfort and ease again?

Maybe you want to learn how to take better care of yourself and your health after injury, surgery or stressful events have knocked you out of balance?

Maybe an ache has become chronic, is moving around and you limit your activities to avoid a flare up?

Are you endlessly going to classes and don’t feel you make meaningful progress?

Let me assist you on your way to better health using a non-medical, gentle and therapeutic movement approach called Clinical Somatic Education, a hands-on practice developed by Thomas Hanna, PhD.


Portrait Katrin Neue

Meet Katrin Neue, your Somatic Educator in Dublin City Centre

My name is Katrin, I’m a Essential Somatics certified Clinical Somatic Educator with close to 20 years of teaching experience in movement – Dance, Pilates, Somatics and Rehabilitation.

My teaching is all about befriending yourself and moving freely and with skillful effort; using mindful attention and full body movement patterns. The work is deeply relaxing and refreshing. My approach is trauma-informed, secular and evidence-based. Learn more about Katrin

Develop more clarity in your daily movement, and move out of pain now.


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‘I build a lot of tension in my body from spending long hours on a computer. It was so lovely to experience the freedom Hanna Somatics brought into my body. It’s surprising how so gentle and subtle exercises can bring such a perceivable shift in my movement and posture. Thank you Katrin.’

Mihaela Griveva, entrepreneur / dancer / choreographer

Katrin Neue’s class has equipped me with a set of intelligent, effective strategies to I can rebalance, maintain, learn about and appreciate my body however it is. I feel like her attitude is about sensing the body; it’s tensions and softnesses, with skill and compassion and then working with intelligence and patience towards relieving suffering and nurturing peace, confidence and good communication between mind and body! I use Somatics to unwind after a) carrying heavy shopping, library books etc b) stressing over a computer, c) mucking out horses d) dancing e) running and anything else. It is part of my regular schedule of self maintenance for my mind and body and the relationship between these two vital aspects of myself. I will continue to get to Katrins classes whenever I can and to recommend her to my friends

Emma Fitzgerald, choreographer and dance maker