RESTORE YOUR SELF with Somatic Movement Education in Dublin’s City Centre

Would you like to learn movements that feel good, create better muscle control and help you with both rest and activity?

Take yourself and your health seriously and make self-care your first priority!

Somatic Movement Education in the tradition of Thomas Hanna and other somatic pioneers is all about befriending yourself and moving freely and efficiently. We use mindful attention and full body movement patterns to ease and restore stuck, tight parts of ourselves. The work is deeply relaxing, inquisitive and refreshing. My approach is trauma-informed and supported by my further training in the current research into how pain develops and emerges.

Classes are structured to create a clarity in movement and intention. You can think of this practice as a luxurious base layer of movements, on which you can build upon. Somatic Education is retraining your nervous system / brain to regulate how it ‘communicates’ with your muscular system, improving motor control, body awareness and emotional regulation.

Move smarter, not harder! You can do it anytime anywhere and be in charge again!

If you can feel it, you can change it
– Thomas Hanna

Welcome to SOMAdublin!

Katrin Neue

I’m so fortunate I found Katrin teaching this as she has certainly helped my spine and other ailments I had. I had 2 spine operations and since coming to see her over a few months I know more about my body + how to stop pain becoming unbearable. I haven’t needed to take my prescription tablets or have my spinal injections in well over 1 year now. I still go to see her every now and again as there is always something new to learn and our bodies deserve it, after all we get our teeth cleaned and cars serviced. We only have ONE BODY and that needs looking after not filling it up with tablets..

Sarah Galbraith

Katrin Neue’s class has equipped me with a set of intelligent, effective strategies to I can rebalance, maintain, learn about and appreciate my body however it is. I feel like her attitude is about sensing the body; it’s tensions and softnesses, with skill and compassion and then working with intelligence and patience towards relieving suffering and nurturing peace, confidence and good communication between mind and body! I use Somatics to unwind after a) carrying heavy shopping, library books etc b) stressing over a computer, c) mucking out horses d) dancing e) running and anything else. It is part of my regular schedule of self maintenance for my mind and body and the relationship between these two vital aspects of myself. I will continue to get to Katrins classes whenever I can and to recommend her to my friends

Emma Fitzgerald, choreographer and dance maker

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